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Publications by Faculty

Publications by Leith Davis


Scotland and the Borders of Romanticism. Edited by Leith Davis, Ian Duncan and Janet Sorensen. Cambridge University Press, 2004.

Acts of Union: Scotland and the Literary Negotiation of the British Nation, 1707-1830. Stanford University Press, 1998.

Robert Burns and Transatlantic Culture. Edited by Sharon Alker, Leith Davis and Holly Faith Nelson. Ashgate, 2005.  

PUBLISHED ARTICLES: ([R] denotes refereed journal)

Davis, Leith. "From Fingal's Harp to Flora's Song: Scotland, Music and Romanticism," The Wordsworth Circle (Spring, 2000), 93-97. (R)

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Publications by J.I. Little

Crofters and Habitants: Settler Society, Economy and Culture in a Quebec Township, 1848-81. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1991. Le Prix Lionel-Groulx (IHAF); Certificate of Merit in Regional History (CHA).

Nationalism, Capitalism, and Colonization in Nineteenth-Century Quebec: The Upper St. Francis District. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queens University Press, 1989. Short- listed for the Canadian Federation for the Humanities Book Prize, for best book in the humanities, published in English in 1989 and 1990, and subsidized by the Aid to Scholarly Publications Programme.


"A Crime 'Shrouded in Mystery': State, Church and Community Regulation in the Kinnear's Mills Post Office Case, 1899-1903," Histoire sociale – Social History, 34 (2001): 1-34.

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Publications by Katie McCullough


“‘For the Good and Glory of the Whole’: The Highland Society of London and the Formation of Scoto-British Identity,” in The Shaping of Scottish Identities: Family, Nation, and the Worlds Beyond, ed. Jodi A. Campbell, Elizabeth Ewan, and Heather Parker, 199-213. Guelph: Centre for Scottish Studies at the University of Guelph, 2011.