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Scottish Voices From the West: Oral History Project

The purpose of the Centre's oral history project, "Scottish Voices From the West," is to build a resource for the study of the Scots in British Columbia of whom little has been written despite their disproportionate influence on the  province. The interviews contain valuable material that provides information on the stories of Scots who came to British Columbia. Many of the interviews also shed light on how immigrant populations create memories of their land of origin while negotiating their way in a new environment. The project is an example of "public history": history written by the people who lived it.

The "Scottish Voices From the West" Oral History Project is currently available at: http://content.lib.sfu.ca/cdm/search/collection/soh. The project is being continually updated, so check back often.

"Scottish Voices From the West" has proceeded in two stages:

Phase I:
From 2003-2004, then Co-ordinator of Scottish Studies, Harry McGrath, and community members Ron and Eileen Sutherland embarked on a project of interviewing Scottish immigrants to British Columbia and individuals whose families emigrated to BC from Scotland some time ago. They collected interviews on cassette tapes.

Phase 2:
In 2010, the Centre for Scottish Studies obtained a grant from SFU Library's Scholarly Digitization Fund  <http://www.lib.sfu.ca/collections/digitization-fund> to digitize these interviews. When this process is complete, the interviews will be eventually form part of the Library's "Multicultural Canada" site <http://www.multiculturalcanada.ca >.

Community volunteers Ron Sutherland and Cilla Bachop are currently conducting a new series of interviews. These are "born digital."